Mariage Basics

This bachelor comes from a far away town that you may or may not have visited in a past video game. He is searching for beautiful flowers he can use in his flower arrangements, so he left his old town to look for new types of flowers. He tends to keep to himself while he wanders around the wild areas and Georgio’s farm, looking at various floral for inspiration. You won’t meet Kamil until Spring of year 2 or later. You’ll need to have at least three Trade Depot vendors unlocked which isn’t difficult to do , and then walk into the Trade Depot on a sunny day. Veronica will then introduce the two of you.

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town western version to allow same-sex marriages

There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled if you wish to marry one of the available bachelorettes or bachelors. There are also special bachelorettes and bachelors that have much more requirements and an invisible heart level, making them much harder to marry. In order to marry a bachelor or bachelorette, you must increase their heart level to red first. The heart level will be shown each time you talk to the person, and it will go from black, to purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and finally, red.

You can increase this daily by giving them gifts and talking to them, but just having a red heart isn’t enough!

A free online help guide covering SoS:FoMT for Nintendo Switch. Marriage, crops​, animals, festivals, etc.

Raeger moved to Oak Tree Town to help his grandfather with the restaurant he owns. After his grandfather passed away, Raeger took over the restaurant, which he runs in the same manner and style as his grandpa did. He is always thinking of new types of recipes to cook up in his kitchen. The chef is available from the beginning of the game.

Most of the time you’ll find him working inside of the restaurant, but on Wednesdays he’ll take a break and appear in random locations around town. You can give him gifts while he is waiting for customers, as long as you walk behind the counter to directly interact with him. If you talk to him from the opposite side of the counter, he’ll activate his shop inventory.

Raeger will reward you with cooking recipes when you eat at his restaurant. You will need to order something to eat from him times before you’ll receive all of his available cooking recipes. This rice-category cooking recipe is a reward for winning the crop, fishing, or cooking festivals.

Friendship Basics

She spends many hours upstairs in their living area, where she writes stories and novels. She tenderly keeps an eye on younger sibling and is generally a calm and agreeable person to interact with. Iris does have a small lacking of confidence, so maybe you can boost her self-esteem. While she is busy crafting her tales, you won’t be able to give her any gifts. You will have to wait until she gets up from her writing desk in order to give her a present. It may appear that she and Klaus are a couple, but Iris will tell you otherwise.

Harvest moon a new beginning dating guide Neil Im back before he must be cleaned up until Tina moves in Seedling Mode, Story Of Seasons Trio of Blue Default Blue Ah, yes No nbsp Cookies on Fogu Friendship If you ever need ice.

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Marriage Options

New features to the Story of Seasons series include extensive character customization, design of the house and furniture of the protagonist, and the ability to customize the appearance of the village the game takes place in. The story involves reviving an abandoned town named Echo Village in order to allow the residents and animals to return. According to a popular Harvest Moon guide website: [4].

I’ve been absorbed by Maple Story’s magical and irresistible aura. -If you made the same birth date as the girls, then her usual birthday will While Kai’s gone during the other seasons (Fall, Winter and Spring) take the The Webmaster of Natsume => For creating such a nice game!

Click Here For Site Navigation. One of the activities in the game is the marriage system. The main storyline of the game will play out the same way, whether you’re married or not married. Some of the festivals will change based on your martial status and there is a blueprint that requires you to be married before you can obtain it. There are six marriage candidates to choose from based on the gender of your character. If you play as a boy, there are six girls to select from, and if you play as a girl, there are six boys to choose from.

It doesn’t matter if you change the visual style of your character i. To get married, you have to go through a series of steps and then give him or her a Blue Feather. You can only marry one person and you can not get a divorce if you decide you don’t like that person anymore. If you don’t want to be married, then you will have to start a new game. Before you can get married, you need to have a red heart color with your spouse of choice, give a Ring and see the person’s four heart events , upgrade the size of your farmhouse , and have the Double Bed in your house.

Dating events not happening?

She likes to help the other villagers when she has the opportunity to do so, and tries to be the best big sister possible for Melty. She has a passion for watching the sky, clouds, and other atmospheric phenomenon. Because of her passion for weather, Lillie is the local weather forecaster on television. Each morning you can tune in and watch the next day’s weather on your TV set. If you haven’t unlocked the Safari Park yet, you can go diving in the river to collect the Bottles and Glittering Stone; the Iron and Crystal can be bought from Asche at the Silk Country booth.

Read The Story of the Two Towns from the story Harvest Moon Tale Of Two Towns- Guide Book by each other is at their cooking festival, where their cooking conflict continues four times per season. >The new dating feature, where you must go out on dates with your potential spouse.a source: http://fogu​.com/hm10/ +.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don’t have an account? Sign up for free! Dating events not happening? My character is dating Klaus and on her birthday, I didn’t get the birthday celebration event, he just gave her a gift. I don’t remember if it was raining that day if that has anything to do with it.

Then on Klaus’s birthday, my character is only able to give him a gift. On White Day, only Raeger and Klaus showed up to give my character gifts, even though Nadi and Fritz also have at least a purple heart. I followed the instructions for all these events based on fogu’s guide. Also, can you see other bachelor’s white and purple flower events even though you’re dating another bachelor?

Getting Married

Hopefully the ordering of the choices makes sense 😛 I never know exactly how to order events with two sets of choices. Klaus has a purple flower or higher, and you have seen his white flower event. It must be a sunny, non-festival Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday. Walk into his house between and Saying you’ll help or that you just want to chat raises FP a little bit. Leaving or saying you’re just teasing him results in FP loss.

For the first time in Harvest Moon’s history, Story of Seasons: Friends of display for same-sex candidates after you confess and start dating.”.

Mistel lives in the western side of Oak Tree Town with his big sister, Iris. He has an eye for classic pieces of bric-a-brac, and has set up an antique shop in the downstairs area of their house. He has a calm personality, similar to his sister, but he is a bit more independent. Mistel is a little overprotected by his sister and tries to assert his individuality to get out from under her motherly umbrella. Mistel is available to talk to when you move to Oak Tree Town. He spends most of his time in the Antique Shop, where he sells blueprints and some basic construction materials.

On Thursdays he’ll venture out of town from to You can buy this cooking recipe after you unlock the Rose Country vendor at the Trade Depot, which will typically be Fall of year 1 or later after you have sold at least 1,, G worth of goods to the vendors at the depot. You can buy Flour from the Wheat Country vendor for G each.

How to get Married

Marriage is an option you can participate in Trio of Towns. You’re the only one in the game that can get married, and you can only marry someone of your opposite gender. There are a total of thirteen marriage candidates available.

Favorite Gift (+ FP). Sea Urchin Bowl = Rice + Sea Urchin. This rice-​category cooking recipe is a reward for winning the crop, fishing, or cooking festivals. You’.

This landscape designer comes from far away to manage the grounds surrounding Elise’s mansion. He has traveled around the world, taking care of parks, topiaries, and other artisticy plants. Now he is in charge of the mansion grounds, but he doesn’t actually get to live there. Nadi resides in room at Morris’ inn. You need to be in Winter of year 1 or later before you’ll meet him. After that you’ll see him around town, usually at the Margrete Farm area or in the restaurant.

Story of Seasons