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Would Be like:. So I reblog so many fics because I want to make sure that all my faves and even smaller writers get recognition for the hard work that they do. Honestly they are so creative and amazing and I am always blown away by the writing that they put out. I have gotten to know Kelly for a while now and honestly she is so sweet and is always up for talking about our faves. She recently moved her writing and stuff over to another blog, so I hope its ok for me to tag it here but yeah! Everything is so detailed and organized and honestly I am just obsessed. Honestly, I always get so excited when I see they put out another part of the series that they are working on because i know it will always be an adventure! I recently followed this blog and immediately fell in love with all their work. SUPER high quality works all day every day. There are literally so many more blogs that I want to recognize for their writings because everything I have read has honestly been so amazing and so much fun to read.

Imagine: Dating Chanyeol

Park Chan-yeol born November 27, , [1] better known mononymously as Chanyeol , is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, actor and model. Apart from his group’s activities, Chanyeol has also starred in various television dramas and movies such as So I Married an Anti-fan , and Secret Queen Makers Park Chanyeol was born in Seoul , South Korea. Chanyeol was admitted to a private acting institution when he was sixteen years old, where he became good friends with Block B ‘s P.

After watching School of Rock in elementary school, Chanyeol became interested in music and he soon began playing the drums.

exo-planet Exo Chen Exo Chanyeol Kyungsoo Bts Members Names Exo Would defiantly EXO’s 4th album repackage ‘THE WAR: The Power of Music that includes the group’s performances of favorites like “Growl,” “Wolf,” MAMA, 10 (1) Release Date: EXO Band Member Lay becomes the first-ever​.

In , Baekhyun broke the internet with his dating news. The two were spotted in the same car together. When the posts gained some major attention, SM Entertainment made the announcement that the two were in fact dating. In some shots, the male in the car could have been anyone but this photo clearly showed that it was Baekhyun. They said that the two had started off as close friends and had a good sunbae-hoobae relationship but over time that had developed into something more.

The two were also spotted looking like they were about to kiss! The news came as a big shock and the couple received a lot of congratulations. Fans continued to watch their relationship grow over the coming year. Eventually the two decided to part ways due to their busy schedules.

Dating Chanyeol would include

Got7 Sasaeng Secrets. Youngji: “Got7” Jackson. Jaehyo is standing beside winner in addition to the photographic idiot box camera is likewise filming him He likewise gets sur. They debuted on January 16, with their first mini album Got It?. Original Article from Koreaboo.

slowly killing me Baekhyun Chanyeol, Exo K, Park Chanyeol, 2ne1, K Park Read dating park chanyeol from the story exo fluff imagines by xiusmiles (☁️).

Exo reaction to you wearing revealing clothes. We hope you enjoy this reaction! Sulli is a good girl gone wild who is surrounded by gossips about her braless clothing style in public. After I had left the EXO members at the dance studio, I had asked Hyun-suk to help me buy an outfit I could wear for my date with Chanyeol in the evening. You opened your eyes to see Youngjae in the doorway, his mouth agape and his phone lying on the ground. Most of the time the stylists are the ones who choose the clothes and in my opinion they should know that you can’t dress them like this when some of them are literally still kids.

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Lay returns to exo

We promise you and your guests an event that will exceed your expectations and leave lasting impressions. Search the world’s information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Daesung: All of us members are close, but with hyung being the leader and all, he’s more understanding of me. Can you imagine one of your colleagues beating you for asking a question? I couldn’t live or work in Korea as I will be arrested on my first day lol.

My family members.

exo. Dating Alone Chanyeol Ep 2 Eng Sub ou week-ends organisés partout en before going to his car, yet he could still see the enemies and be hurt when he This includes tv shows chanyeol dating alone ep 2 indo sub infinite chanyeol.

He was born on November 27, in Seoul, South Korea. His debut was on the 23rd of February, and he was the last EXO member to be introduced to the public. He does not only sing, he also loves composing music and acting, and he even designed the EXO hexagonal logo. Since Chanyeol has a very big fan base, there are many who are constantly speculating about his love life. It is well known that Chanyeol thinks that Dara is his type of girl.

Moreover, the two have been spotted wearing the same t-shirts. Some say that it might just a mere coincidence, others say that wearing the same t-shirts more than once might mean something more. According to his fans, it would be difficult to say if they are still going out, or if they were actually dating. Chanyeol has a non-celibrity ex-girlfriend. During their relationship, the girl was preparing to be a flight attendant. Her name is Kwak Saebyul and she is from South Korea. Their love story was revealed to the public before his debut in EXO.

Got7 Sasaeng Secrets

I plan to make these for all the boys. If you want a certain member next, feel free to message me. Originally posted by dazzlingkai.

Here are fanfics about EXO that I would recommend you read! These one shots will not include Tao, Luhan or Kris as they have left and therefore I Mar 27, · When is the Date for EXO Members to Join the Military Service? EXO Suho Baekhyun Chanyeol DO Kai Sehun Xiumin Lay Chen Transparent Photo Card.

Originally posted by kaisanity. Originally posted by sehunicorne. Keep reading. Originally posted by vogueksoo. Greetings writers! This is a network dedicated to supporting writers of EXO fan fiction. Members of this network will have the opportunity to promote their writing among their peers and participate in various writing related events.

Applications are open from January 19 to January If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message. Originally posted by baeklights.

Jimin Collapsing

Meanwhile, Baekhyun also held a VLive broadcast a day before his birthday to tell fans what EXO members have been up to lately. Is it Baekhyun? Kim Jun-myeon born May 22, , better known by his stage name Suho meaning “guardian” in Korean , is a South Korean singer, songwriter and actor.

Dating Chanyeol would include; •traveling to random places •matching coupe outfits •lots of cuddles •good night and good morning texts •random phone calls at.

Mark : A girl who makes him want to be with her. Originally posted by allminetherainbow. Other members will be posted soon! He actually said personality MORE than looks. Binging Seventeen. Top is oversized shirt or blouse. The culture of mexico reflects the countrys complex history and is the result of the gradual blending of native culture particularly mesoamerican with spanish culture and other immigrant cultures.

They will debut sometime in

What dating Chanyeol would be like;

Former members: Kris , Tao and Luhan. Xiumin Facts: — Xiumin has a little sister whose identity he worked very hard to keep a secret. Show more Xiumin fun facts…. Show more Lay fun facts…. Baekhyun Facts: — He has an older brother named Byun Baekbeom. Show more Baekhyun fun facts….

jackoffjae: He would pick you up a lot so that when he kissed you he wouldn’t have to bend downGiving him nose kissesWhen you try and get.

Word Count: Kai as The Seducer. You were the only woman who was able to see past all the noise of the mob and find the loyal, caring man underneath. With 20 chapters, 32 votes, subscribers, views, comments, words. It can only be worn by one and one alone. I was so damn thirsty. Chanbaek angst fanfic recommendation. Lay as The Surgeon. Chanbaek fanfic listography. Summary: It hurts but Jimin stops pretending not to see it.

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